Windows10 Black screen after login.


Windows 10, after power on login, it seems that trouble has occurred that the screen remains black.

The mouse cursor moves but the desktop screen does not come up. Also, although the [Personalized Settings] dialog is displayed at the upper left of the screen, it does not progress in the state of no response.

When I have such a symptom, I will describe the method I want you to try.

Work method

Forcibly turn off the power … … Press the power button for 6 to 7 seconds to shut down the power supply completely.

Press the power button to make the same state black screen.

Launch Task Manager with Ctrl + Alt + Del.


From the Task Manager, enter [control.exe] for the new task and activate the control panel.

Locate the system restore item, start restoration by choosing the date before the date of the trouble

Normal windows 10 will be launched when system restoration is completed

important point

It is unknown whether the windowsupdate update is terminated in an odd state or the compatibility between software is bad and this kind of trouble is unknown, but it seems effective as countermeasure therapy.

However, if the update is re-entered or the cause has not been determined, there is a high possibility that similar trouble will occur, so if there is any trouble related to wondows update etc. at Google, search engine etc. It is also important to investigate.




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